La France Divisée

The Film

L a France Divisée explores the two sides of France during World War II. Both collaborators and resisters are seen through the eyes of seven French people: survivors of the Holocaust, historians and members of the Resistance. Also included are the historic apologies of the French government and the Catholic Church (French with subtitles).

Elderly man walking down street with Jewish star pinned to suit jacket

La France Divisée was made possible through a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education to the American Association of Teachers of French. Additional funds were provided by the Alexis Rosenberg Foundation, the Marcus Foundation, the Louis and Bessie Stein Foundation, VHS Cover Art the TABAS Foundation, the Harry Cook Foundation, the Rockower Family, the Maxwell Strawbridge Charitable Trust, Lisa P. and Neal J. Howard and Dr. Felix Zandman, Philadelphia University and Friends of the Agnes Irwin School.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of la Fédération Nationale des Déportés et Internés Résistants et Patriotes.

Other archival photos courtesy of the Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris.